Brock graduated with honors from the University of Texas School of Architecture with his degree in Interior Design.  He has worked with Interior Design and Architecture offices in NYC, Austin and Chicago.


Brock believes his design career started at age 7 when he was asked to select wallpaper and a new paint color for his bedroom.  He was surrounded by design minded people his entire life.  His parents were constantly restoring, renovating or redecorating, and his grandparents were avid antique collectors.  After working for architecture and interior design firms in NYC, he had the opportunity to work for a prestigious hand crafted tile manufacturer and gallery in Austin, TX.  This opened his eyes to an entirely new way of approaching interior design and made him an expert in understanding the intersection of design and commerce.  Drawing on 17 years of industry experience, he approaches each project with stealth business acumen and bright creativity.






In addition to being committed to the practice of interior design, Brock devotes his time and resources to various LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS organizations and several pet rescue groups.  5 years ago he began participating in the annual Ride for AIDS Chicago - a 200 mile, 2 day biking adventure.